Internal Quality Control

Production Scedule for 2020 (downloadable pdf)


The Rea IQC Total Blood Kit is in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDMD) of human origin for completing the AB0-Rh1 blood grouping series (red blood cells test and plasma tests) and Rh-K phenotyping series. The use of this internal control enables detection of different irregular and malfunctions caused by the used method, by the used reagent, by the used instrument and environment. Make possible to take preventive and corrective actions.



The internal control test is based on  blood samples with well known, determined phenotypes. This control is used in the same way as the normal patient blood samples. The results of this samples testing should match exactly the blood groups phenotype on the vial. The test is based on the principle of haemagglutination. The RBC with antigen agglutinates the antibody of the used reagent or plasma.


Rea IQC Total Blood Kit contains RBC and plasma with determined, well known blood group and phenotype. The suspension HTC level is 15%.



REF Product
44130 Rea IQC Total Blood Kit 4x6 ml


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