Quality Management



Our aim is to assure REAGENS's continuous development deepening the Company's awareness and esteem, to leverage our employees welfare.


The continuous development of REAGENS Ltd. is assured by it's employees:


  •  - is aware that the company's success is also key to personal welfare
  •  - is aware of acting fully responsible in all his work
  •  - is not only keen on his activities quality, but requires the same from his colleagues
  •  - with all his activity strengthen the Company's reputation 


The Company's in all his activities assures to produce good quality products with demanding care. REAGENS is certified based on the  EN ISO 13485:2016 standard, recently renewed.


All our products are CE marked. ReaCell AB0 and Rea IQC Total Blood Kit are EC Design Examination certified products.


The system and CE certificates has been renewed successfully. The new certificates are already available on the links above.


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