ReaCell Panel Cells


Production Scedule for 2018 (downloadable pdf)

The ReaCell Panel Cells are in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDMD) of human origin to detect patient's and donor's irregular (IgM and IgG) antibodies, which may cause haemolitic anemia, transfusion reactions and complications, and haemolitic disease of the newborn. These antibodies were detected with previous screening and/or cross matching probes.


 The non-enzymatised ReaCell Panel Cells detect IgM (mainly M, N) and IgG (Rh-, Kell-, Duffy-, Kidd-, etc.) system's irregular antibodies with direct agglutination, and indirect antiglobulin (indirect Coombs) technique.



The ReaCell Panel P enzymatised (papainised) Panel Cells are reacting in enzymatised medium IgM and IgG, for detecting mainly Rh system's irregular antibodies with direct agglutination technique. The Kell system's antibodies may react this way as well. The  Panel Cells are able to detect several cold IgM antibodies (anti-I, Anti-H, anti-P1, anti-Lea, anti-Leb). The enzym treatment destroys the Fya, Fyb, M, N and partially S antigens, this kind of antigens can't be detected with enzymatised Panel Cells.


Each ReaCell Panel Cells Kit contains 11 pieces of „0” group, known antigen composition red blood cells suspension.


We are providing for each batch an antigen chart with the product. It is also available for registered users to dowload in pdf format.


REF Product
43100 ReaCell Panel 3±0,5% 11x5 ml
43200 ReaCell Panel P 3±0,5% 11x5 ml
43500 ReaCell Panel 0,8±0,1% 11x5 ml
43800 ReaCell Panel P 0,8±0,1% 11x5 ml


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